stopped by the NYRR hub tonight for a hump day 5k. many don't know about the NYRR hub. i love it because it's a spot near the park to lock up my bags, change into my running clothing, lace up and go. it's open until 8pm during the week, and doubles as a new balance shop. this week they've got special marathon merch on display. i am really into these water bottles but wish they had a 2016 version. maybe i'll find some 2016 merch from last year at the expo (which i can't wait to head to on friday!)

my Goal tonight was to be home by 7:45 but instead it's the time at which I was finishing my run, cooling down at the NYC marathon finish line and really getting marathon fomo. 

I almost skipped running because of a work snafu that had me thinking I should maybe not be away from my phone for 45 minutes. But then I thought of the consequences, truly weighed them out, which i'm being more conscious of doing lately.

scenario 1: Walk away from the phone and go for your run you've been itching for all day, let off the steam from the work fire, and shake out the cramps that had you almost bed ridden this morning.

Pros: all of the aforementioned.

Cons: actually none.

Because being at your phone for 45 mins and getting an update is not going to do anything more than you could if you wait 45 minutes. Instead it will make you bitter that you didn't go for the damn run in the first place. It's PR, not the ER. And, in the end, the work fire put itself out. In the 45 minutes I was running, an update was given that redacted the issue in the first place. Imagine if I hadn't run how PO'd I'd be now?! Sometimes, you truly just need to walk away and take a breath (or in my case, a heave because those CP hills man...)

what concerned me more, was the fact that i was worried about every cyclist, loud noise, bright light, and car going through the roads in central park - after what happened in new york yesterday, and thinking about the bike path that this psycho mowed into, i'm now completely paranoid about running. I was going to run up to central park, but thought the subway is actually safer. when ever has the subway been safer? this is our new new york, and it's so sad. I'm so sad for what happened yesterday. just trying to run through the emotions to get clarity. sending lots of peace, and love out there into the world.