writer + brand consultant + athlete

the evolution of my shareable writing is a long and winding road, and so also is the evolution of my love affair with the world of fitness and endurance racing. Somewhere in between, my ten-year career in brand strategy and marketing developed while living and working in new york.

i got my first taste of medal in 2011 when i started training for my first triathlon. working at a cosmetics company in the fast-paced and uber "fabulous" world of public relations, i had to integrate workouts and runs no matter where i was traveling. a jaunt through the tuileries in paris, a run across the thames in london, and finally a triathlon in kona. truth, i wore lipstick to my first triathlon (great marketing let me tell you). second truth: i still wear mascara for all my races (clinique fit, to be exact). i learned i didn't need to separate the two worlds, instead i could fuse them together.

instyle magazine, marie claire magazine, nars cosmetics, procter & gamble, pr consulting, dolce & gabbana beauty, gucci beauty, hugo boss fragrances and burberry beauty are a few of the brands and companies I’ve had the beautiful pleasure of working with and learning from. now, after relocating to washington, dc in Spring 2018, i am excited to go out on my own.

what you’ll find here is an outlet for my creativity and updates on my work. what i hope you'll come back for is a place where the fit-minded meet the sartorial,  for a running shoe recommendation, or maybe for the name of a small-town apothecary skincare line. for a race report, or a restaurant recommendation. for my portfolio, or for some marketing advice.  

because mixed medal is just that: an unexpected combination of things. an homage to those of us identifying professionally as one thing, and moonlighting as another. a toast to the free-spirited, the ever-curious , who encompass an everything/anything goes attitude with an  absolutely insatiable taste for medal