day 2


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"maybe we should just drive the rental, it's not like we're going to be drinking this morning" - FAMOUS LAST WORDS

we should have known better. we should have known that when the uber drivers told us that they drive ubers because there's nothing to do in kenosha if you don't drink. we woke up bright and early on saturday morning to head into "downtown" kenosha for "big ass egg sandwiches" from Mike's Donuts & Chicken. the original plan was to grab the sanwiches, coffee, and donuts to go and head to the race field. but then we walked into Mike's and saw the (already-bustling-at-9am) bar, complete with its almost floor to ceiling shelves of personal Jameson bottles. Yes, you read that correctly. At Mike's, you can keep your own bottle of Jameson tucked away (much like a cigar locker, a wine cellar) for you to drink from whenever you please. 

between the art on the walls, the Willy Wonka-esque adult beverages, and the passageway to the neighboring donut bar (with spike-able coffee drinks), and the menu, let's just say we were too distracted to grab anything to go so instead we settled for a round of bloody marys (complete with cheese stick, meat stick, an actual piece of barbecue chicken) and a chunk of chocolate/sprinkled donut; mimosas (with licorice, gummy worms, and candy); big-ass-egg-sandwiches for all; and sides of biscuits and gravy and clearing stick potatoes (by the way, these come with the sandwiches if you're dining in; but that clearly couldn't deter us from still ordering an additional side to share). PPS, the bloody marys come with a shot of beer; apparently that's a Kenosha thing, too. (There were starting to be a lot of kenosha "things"...)

this MIke is something of a celeb in Kenosha. He runs Mike's Sportbook & Meat Bar which is upstairs from Chicken & Donuts; and Captain MIke's Beer, Whiskey & Burger Bar, among other spots. "Mike" claims that these sandwiches, in addition to being big-ass, are amazing. Indeed they are. i settled for the herbivorous II (soft scrambled eggs, sliced avo, sriracha ketchup, pepperjack cheese, and grilled tomato). i couldn't not eat the warm brioche bun because it was actually amazing, so i removed the top bun and ate the sandwich with a fork and knife - it was delicious. The menu is really entertaining; I suggest you look at it here

we settled the bill, ordered two dozen donuts (what? your family doesn't go to a bar before a cross country race, eat breakfast, and then order 2 dozen donuts with things like cornflakes strewn atop? *shrugs shoulders* your loss). we made our way to the Wayne E Dannehl National Cross Country Course where we FROZE OUR ASSES OFF. It was so cold, it actually snowed. I actually enjoyed running all over the course to track my cousin because it warmed me up at least (or was it the bloody mary that warmed me up? whatever it worked). 

big east was so exciting - there were some really bad ass runners, including my cousin who shaved a whopping 40 seconds off her PR. read about her race here. i just love watching her run - she is so focused and so determined. you learn a lot from watching runners - i find that i'm constantly thinking of the greats while i run, thinking of their form, doing a check-in with myself about my own. i love having a mental reference - i love that it's christiana too. 

after the race i took a minute to ogle the seton hall pirates' braids, all done by one of the girls on the team (i must know her secrets/get a tutorial going!). we said our goodbyes to the team, and continued on our journey of kenosha. to be continued.