Roundup: Favorite Places To Ski, Eat & ApreS IN KILLINGTON, VT

Winter sports season is one of my favorite times - when else do you get to be active, sartorial and gastronomical?

As discussed, I only started skiing a few years ago but I took to it quite fast - must have been all those hot toddys. I get requests for go-to spots around some of the bigger resorts. I'M KICKING IT OFF WITH KILLINGTON, the first of our annual trips that I take with our now-dubbed annual MLK ski crew. We rented an SUV and drove up together. I pre-ordered Dominique Ansel cronuts for the ride up (PRO-TIP! Please your fellow riders by doing this!) and I scouted dinner spots along the route before getting to the house.

Accomodations: Air BNB | We loved this house and the host was so considerate and informative. The only drawback was the limited cell service and lack of cable/TV access but we stayed in 2016 so perhaps this has been fixed. 

Rentals/Lessons: We rented from Killington's resort directly - they offer performance gear for more advanced athletes but standard was just fine. My friends took a snowboarding group lesson and I took part in a group ski lesson which was great. Something I've always done since I learned to ski is take a lesson whenever possible at the beginning of every trip Especially in the first year or two - it really helps to drill in the good habits and shake the bad ones! 

enjoy and have fun out there! x

Dinner: Barnard Inn Restaurant & Max's Tavern | The food here was SO good. And I quote one of our friends, "Guys, it is GOOD to eat" when the dessert came out. But everything was amazing. The ambiance is cozy, everything you could want from an "inn" type restaurant. The spiked cider was a HUGE bonus (sorry to the designated drivers, you miss out on this one!). Also don't forget to take a pic under the lit archway. DO IT FOR THE GRAM. 

Apres: Long Trail Pub at Snowshed Base Lodge | This place was HOPPING. We still talk about the band that performed. They were the greatest cover band I've ever heard. When you can do Bruno Mars and U2 and everything in between, I'm a fan. The food here was bar food, so steer clear if you have picky eaters, but if not, GO TO TOWN. Fun games, trivia, drinks - just don't forget that you have to get back on two poles connected to your feet requiring mediocre coordination at a minimum...)

Killington Peak Lodge | Great spot for a quick bevvy (sensing a theme here, huh?) with an epic view at 4,000 feet elevation. A lot of non-skiiers just hanging out, so it's a great spot if you've got apres-only friends in your crew and there's a gondola to get them there so they don't have to purchase lift tickets.