me: everything MADE FROM SCRATCH

People who know (or follow) me, know that I love to cook. I'll cook at 10pm just to have food for the next day. I hate eating out during the week, especially if it's "healthy"-ish food that I'm not really sure is actually healthy (because it's loaded with sodium or other preservatives that make your seemingly good for you grilled chicken salad actually a death wish for your arteries. 

The downside of cooking? Sometimes I buy more than I need because I just get so inspired. So one of my resolutions... (it's the third day of the year - be prepared for 32327932 other posts on resolutions until next week when I have probably given them up)...was to "consume less, waste less, make more, and use what you have."

After cycling and then running up and down 16 flights of stairs in my building last night because all the cardio machines were taken so I couldn't do a BRick workout, I took to prepping food. I made a bulk amount of my new go-to soup, vegan ginger carrot (which uses coconut milk as a base!!!), I made crispy potatoes/squash/onions to have as a side for the chicken I knew I'd make tonight after my swim. I had a pastry left over from a couple nights prior, and I had a bunch of spinach to divvy up for salads this week. I also had a can of chickpeas in my pantry (WHO KNEW? TREASURE!) and a few beets I had baked in the oven to use for salads. 

I eat a lot. But a lot takes on new meaning when I'm swimming, which I talked about in the last post on everything I ate in one day (sensing a trend, here). So tonight it took a lot of self restraint to not eat the entire POUND of chicken breast I bought after already eating some pita chips and pretzel crisps as an 'appetizer while I cook'... actual l things I say to people (people meaning my mom...). 

Here's what I ate today. 



  • Starbucks decaf grande soy latte (I got a lot of gift cards from Starbucks so technically I am not breaking a resolution here by spending $$ on what I can make myself)
  • Peanut Butter RX Bar - I stockpile boxes of these everywhere. At home, at the office, at my fiance's home (OH SHIT THAT'S RIGHT I'M ENGAGED! MORE ON THAT LATER)


  • bowl of carrot/ginger soup
  • spinach salad with chickpeas, walnuts, shaved pecorino, plum tomatoes


  • I ran an errand today and passed by one of my favorite pastry shops in Korea Town, Cafe Bene which sells these red bean pastries that are absolutely addictive. I chalk up the red bean as protein and the rest of the pastry.. well that's the carb to get me through my swim :) 


  • lemon-basil chicken with wilted watercress; crispy pan-fried veggies (potatoes, onions, squash); homemade pepperonata (peppers, tomatoes, capers)
  • handful of pita chips, handful of pretzel crisps and hummus

BEAUTY NOTE: Before leaving for my Europe trip in December, Maria Mok, owner of the eponymous East Village hair studio, let me vent to her about the hair rut I had been in. I have gone through a fair share of shampoos - from Shu Uemura and Aveda to drugstore brands and OGX. I had a weird hunch that the OGX was making my hair fall out (along with stress perhaps), and the drugstore brands weren't helping either. My hair felt fuzzy, more frizzy and un manageable. I stopped using dry shampoo as much because I was told that by using dry shampoo, you're training the hair follicle, which becomes clogged, to no longer work and grow hair (cue the garbage bin and every dry shampoo item going into it). Maria suggested what she uses: Davines Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo (pictured above, because a night in with soup + hair masks why not). It smells divine and, actually, is a brand I've used and loved in the past) once weekly to help with buildup from product. She also recommended Hairstory New Wash daily (or every other day). I immediately ordered both and subscribed to the New Wash Club, Hairstory's version of "subscribe and save". So far, I'm loving the difference these products have made. My hair air dries without fuzz (it's a Christmas miracle!), and I have noticeably less hair in my drain. The problem with the drugstore brands is that they are stripping your hair (not to mention the chemicals being absorbed by your scalp). I've slowly started the transition to being more conscious of the products I put on my face, just as much as I care about what I eat and put in my body. Next post I'll share my Hey Day facial experience (I'm a fan!).