Today was ROUGH. Usually all-day workshops are. I am primarily grain-free, especially during the week. My diet consists of lots of veggies and greens and my proteins are eggs, fish and meat. I eat a couple servings of fruit per day, but for the most part I'm pretty heavy on the veggies and not so much at all on the sugar, starches, and wheat products. 

I made muesli last night from Shalane Flanagan's Eat Fast Run Slow cookbook - except I put my spin on it with extracts (rosewater and fiori di sicilia which is a blend of orange and vanilla). This morning, when it was ready I chopped up green apples to mix in. Voila, a healthy start to sustain me throughout our all-day meeting. 

And then I arrived to bagels, from New York City Bagel & Coffee House, and it was a downward spiral from there. Not because I don't have willpower. Anyone on my team will tell you I do. I have no problem passing up the cakes, cookies, and carbs that pass by our desks on a daily basis. But today, I wanted those bagels. I just wanted a good bagel and cream cheese. So I prepared one (which was the size of my head), and ate half. And it was DAMN GOOD. And also, I'm running a half on Sunday so I'm chalking this up to carb loading (which is, in personal opinion, a principle I detest).

Plus, I brought my own lunch, so that counts for something right? While everyone else indulged in Pot Belly sandwiches and potato salad, I was satisfied with my heavenly plate of colorful veggies and bright beets. Which, turned out to be the right choice because... well, you'll see when you get to "Afternoon Snack"... 


porto rico hazelnut coffee, bircher muesli


half plain bagel and some cream cheese (yes, i can't believe this was a snack AKA a second breakfast)


arugula salad with mulberries, walnuts, feta cheese & carrots and 2 roasted beets



....and Blueberry Pie - because it was my boss' birthday and she loves pie, so our team ordered not one pie, but 5. including apple from The Blue Stove in Williamsburg which, like the bagels, was the size of my head (or two... I'm sensing a trend here). But mine had blueberry right? So it's fruit? And fruit's in salad, so I had salad... 


Dinner was a pathetic mashup of whatever didn't require a fork, an oven, or any work really because I was so exhausted today. So I had some dried mango and a half an avocado. Bad choices today kids. 


Does wine count here? :)