I hit the pool this morning - crazy to think that tri season is upon us, despite that the championships were just last weekend. Chalk up my re-discovered determination to watching the athletes hit the gorgeous waters of Kona. Or, that I had a really shitty Barry's Bootcamp session on Tuesday night (my legs just weren't in it, which leads me to another great quote that i'll get to shortly). On Monday, I signed myself up for Gym Time at 24 Hour Fitness in East Midtown, knowing they have a pool, and that they're one subway stop from my home, I figured I'd have zero excuses to back out. With the 12 hour cancellation closing, that excuse would now come with a price tag, one I wasn't ready to indulge. I threw myself in bed last night at 10:45, was asleep by 11:30, and up at 6:15 for a goal swim time of 7:20. I don't like to eat too heavily before swimming, but I do find that I need something to fuel me. Luckily, I had a breakfast scheduled with an awesome former colleague turned corporate group trainer,  and a lunch with my old VP from my days at P&G, so I knew I'd be fueling extra well today. 

I am always ravenous after swimming, and tend to be for the entire 12 hours that follow, so I try to swim in the morning instead of nighttime to avoid binging absolutely everything (as you are about to see, this tactic doesn't really work...)


4 elementos cafe "alegria" (given to me by a Colombian friend - this coffee is AMAZING!!), smoothie with banana, vital proteins collagen peptides, lucuma powder, cacao powder, blueberries and pacific foods unsweetened almond milk

nuun hydration drink (for during swim)


avocado toast with feta and vine ripened tomatoes at Spoon Table & Bar, sans chives, plus poached eggs

another coffee


chopped salad from blank slate, with arugula only (instead of arugula + kale), artichoke hearts, spicy peppers, pine nuts, shaved fennel, pecorino romano cheese


handful of peanut m&ms

dirty lemon +matcha water (new flavor alert! i love it, it tastes like iced tea!)


peanuts rx bar - btw these are my favorite - they are paleo friendly, super easy on the stomach, and satisfy my afternoon craving for chocolate (which clearly the aforementioned peanut m&ms in snack #1 did not!!). I wish they had more flavors without cashews, because I'm 90% certain cashews contribute to my breaking out in cystic acne, but I'll stick with peanuts and peanuts with chocolate for now. Happy camper, no complaints. 

pure green blue algae shot (with filtered water, manuka honey, probiotics)


handful of salt + pepper wheat thins + spicy hummus while waiting for food to heat up (no really, that's how hungry I am after swimming, I literally need to eat as I am heating up my food in the oven - no microwaves here!). PPS, as mentioned, I am typically grain-free, but these salt+pepper wheat thins are my absolute downfall. I love them, and I'll never give them up. 

bowl of sauteed veggies prepared on sunday night (peas, shitake mushrooms, onions, sun dried tomatoes, roasted blue potatoes) and three of my turkey meatballs, adapted from Jessica Alba's recipe, which have become a weekly staple now

glass of gotes red wine